Arnold Palmer Gift-$50,000+

Arnold Palmer, the undisputed “King” of golf!  This charismatic golfer came from humble beginnings to rule the golf world.  First learning how to work hard from his parents as a young boy, to out working many business tycoons to build a global empire far beyond his “pay” grade, as Palmer would say.  Palmer may not have won as many Major Championships as Nicklaus, but he won many more hearts.  Always confident, Palmer became one of the first athletes to become a household name.  He made golf fun, interesting and fashionable for the average person.  Palmer is the example of how to turn passion into a successful career and life!  The impact that Mr. Palmer has made on the landscape of the human race is far reaching.  Mr. Palmer had a great quote that may resonate, “always give total effort, even when the odds seem to be against you, never quit trying, never feel that you don’t have a chance to win.”

A Palmer gift is more precious than gold!  This will make a significant impact to a deserving young person or persons facing adversity but is up for the challenge. Someone that never gives up and therefore will always have a chance to win!  A Palmer gift will sponsor 1-3 young people’s scholarship to the best coaching, educational opportunities, 6 regional events, Junior Golf player profile and equipment.