Byron Nelson Gift- $2001-$5000

Byron Nelson is considered to be one of the greatest ball strikers of all time with the sweetest swing, winning an amazing 11 titles in a row on the PGA Tour!  A humble man that had a dream, it wasn’t just about golf; he dreamt to have a full working ranch in Texas near his childhood home.  When he left home to try and make it as a professional golfer he had but $2,000 to his name.  He estimated that he could live off that for almost year while traveling the country playing golf for a living!  Who knew that he would end up making a living, and then some, enabling him to retire from the PGA Tour at the ripe old age of 34 citing he had made what he needed for his ranch!

A Nelson gift would help get a young person started on their journey to their dream, academically as well as athletically!  This could certainly set a young person up for academic help, nearly a full season of regional events, as well as coaching.