Sam Snead Gift- $5001-$10,000

Sam Snead had to start making a living at the young age of 7 years old, caddying at The Homestead in West Virginia.  At 19 in 1934 he went on to work as an assistant professional turning professional 2 short years later. He quickly gained the respect of all the “touring” professionals of his era by winning his first tournament as a professional while picking up $10,000!  This was all Snead needed to gain confidence. He continued mowing down wins to the tune of 82 professional wins and go on to become the all-time leader on the PGA Tour.  He was famously quoted as saying, “it’s not what you want to be that matters, it’s how bad do you want to be it!”

A Snead gift will certainly make the impact you are looking for on a young person’s life.  A gift as generous as this will help an athlete travel and participate in a full season of tournaments!  Along with tournaments, he/she will gain tremendous access to the academic center, lifetime learning mentors and much more.