The Bobby Jones Gift


Bobby Jones is considered to be the greatest amateur to have ever played the game of golf. He was the first American to win what was considered the Grand Slam (Open Championship, Amateur Championship, US Open Championship, US Amateur Championship) and one of the few to ever hold all major trophies at one time! Jones was not only a great golfer but a scholar who went on to become an attorney. He was co-creator of the Masters Tournament and a founder and designer of Augusta National. Jones believed that if you were going to be good at something, you need to put an enormous amount of time and energy into it. He retired young from competitive golf to focus on his work as an attorney as well as his family. Jones is in the Hall of Fame at the Georgia Tech University of Engineering, the Golf Hall of Fame, and the R&A Golf Hall of Fame.

This gift is a great opportunity for a lucky young athlete or two. It will help provide a full-time student athlete valuable assistance for academic tutoring, multiple regional and national tournaments, and substantial coaching. In addition to tournament exposure, it includes hours of preparation for the SAT or ACT standardized tests. A gift that can change the trajectory of one’s life!